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Clubhouse Rentals

  1. Check the Calendar to make sure your date is available.
  2. Fill out the Rental Request Form.
  3. Once the reservation is approved, the rental fee and security deposit must be provided.
  4. Arrangements will be made to pick up keys to the clubhouse.
  5. A separate check of $100.00 (security deposit) is held in the office until the key is returned and the cleaning list on the refrigerator has been filled out and signed.
  6. The clubhouse will be checked by the Clubhouse Manager or an MWP board member. If cleaning is not completed, the security deposit will not be returned.


  • A rental can be made by association homeowners one year in advance of the date requested.
  • The rental fee and security deposits must be provided by an MWP resident.
  • The resident must be present for the entire rental period from set up to clean up.
  • A 2-week cancellation notice must be given by the resident to the Clubhouse Secretary. If notice is not given, the rental fee will be withheld.

Rental Fees and Available Times:

  • 8am-2pm: $150
  • 4pm-10pm: $150
  • 8am-10pm: $275