Pool Funds Allocation

As you are aware, the HOA Board of Directors has decided to not open the pool this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There have been some questions asked about the money allocated for the pool season this year. The board has decided to use those funds to complete some much needed maintenance projects around the pool area. The number one priority is having the leak fixed in the baby pool so it will be ready for use next summer. Any money left over from that will be used for other projects around the pool area. If you have further concerns, please send them to the neighborhood email address meridian.woods.park1@gmail.com or attend the next board meeting on July 13, 2020.

Baby Pool Update

American Leak Detection will be at our baby pool on June 24th to find the leak. Unfortunately, this was the soonest we could get them out to do a leak test. Justin and his family have been working to get the baby pool cleaned out for this task.

Once the leak is found, we can obtain estimates to fix it properly.

2020 Pool Closure

It is with sadness that the MWP Board informs you that the pool will not be opening this season. This is of because of the ongoing Covid Pandemic. Many hours were spent discussing and thoroughly examining several different factors before a decision was made. Factors including but not limited to logistically being able to not only meet our neighborhood expectations daily but also the added mandatory requirements placed by the City of Indianapolis. As a neighborhood HOA, we could not be responsible for any health risks that people may encounter during this new and unknown virus. Our lifeguards are young adults from our community, and we pride ourselves on hiring them to keep swimmers safe. They should not be patrolling a schedule of swimmers to ensure capacity numbers or having their focus on cleaning and other tasks that would take away from their primary job. We felt it impossible to meet the Health Departments guidelines with our limited supplies and employees. The budget that is allocated for this year’s pool season will now go towards fixing the baby pool and other amenities for the pool.

With that said, to say that this decision will be unpopular is an understatement. We have heard from many in our community and we know our neighbor and friends are hurting. All our daily lives have been turned upside and many were looking forward to using the pool as way to enjoy the summer and get some sense of normalcy back in our lives. We know you will be angry, saddened, and disappointed and for that we are sorry. We look forward to the 2021 season and hope all of you stay healthy and stay safe.